Session Two – Healer needs healing

We have the same cast as before:

  • Rhogar Norixius (me) – Dragonborn draconic sorceror who doesn’t realize that he’s magic because he assumes that all of his dragon blood abilities come from his dragon blood instead
  • Verbrork Cliffgaze (Cliff) – Human draconic sorceror whose dad sticking his dick in a dragon. Apparently during the long rest last session he got drunk and made a pact with Cthulhu that he doesn’t remember, for a warlock level
  • Kithri Underbough – The female halfling rogue
  • Shadow Halfman – The male halfling rogue
  • Levin Bandageweaver – Half-elf nature cleric who is our only source of healing. His player was out because of a kidney stone, so the DM took him over, rolling a d4 to see whether he would heal or attack
  • Asmund – A half-elf fighter, pretty boring but he can take a hit and gets the most kills

We started where the last session left off, at the entrance of the goblin cave. We followed a stream in, found a side path, and decided to go that way because we figured we would hit less resistance. Many hijinks were had trying to the cleric up the slope because he had a negative dex modifier, but we eventually made it. Following that side path, we found a human fighter chained to a wall and six sleeping goblins (because we attacked at sparrowfart.) Some of the goblins woke up, but we managed to mow them all down in a single round. We freed the fighter, Sildar Hallwinter, who led us to our mutual employer at the other end of the cave.

There we found Gundren being held by three goblins, opposite a bugbear, a human wizard, and some kind of spider-xenomorph thing I believe was an Ankheg. I opened up with an ice knife on the bugbear and managed to deal about half of its health in one shot, the ankheg burrowed underground, the wizard took me down to half health with a magic missile, and everyone else fought the goblins. Next round autopilot Levin healed me, I managed to hit the wizard with a Firebolt, everyone else managed to take down the bugbear, and the ankheg managed to perma-kill Levin with 31 points of damage in one hit. I was suspicious, because I figured he had to have at least 16 health, and because something that can deal 31 points on a non-critical should be way above the challenge rating of a level two party, but that was the ruling. Then the wizard cast some kind of shield spell, everyone else finished off the rest of the goblins, and through several attacks we figured out that whatever the shield was raised the wizard’s armor class to at least 25, meaning none of us had enough of an attack bonus to even land a hit. Then the wizard called off the ankheg, told us she already got the location of the mine from Gundren, and left.


We high-tailed it to Phandalin with Gundren, but without his map he couldn’t get to the mine, so we couldn’t do anything else for him for the time being. So we took our money and headed back to Neverwinter, where we saw a mysterious island out in the ocean that wasn’t there. Someone important offered land and a title to anyone who could figure out what was going on, so we found a ship and headed that way. We couldn’t afford passage normally, so we promised the captain 20% of any treasure we found if we survived. Along the way, we were attacked by pirates, and a battle full of swinging and cannons later, we all blacked out (again) and found ourselves scattered across an unfamiliar beach.

We were all torn about Levin, because on one hand nobody liked the character, but on the other, it sucks for your character to die because you couldn’t make it because you were busy peeing blood. Luckily, his player told us afterward that was planned, because he decided he didn’t like being a nature cleric, and wanted to help fix our screwed up party composition. That made us all feel significantly less conflicted. He’s planning on switching to a bard-barian he statted up between sessions zero and one, so he can play support and tank.

I also have to say that the DM did a pretty smooth job of transitioning us off of the starter module and onto his homebrew content. Having an NPC steal Gundren’s map so he couldn’t take us to the mine with him was a good way to tie off that plotline.

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